Nabla student organization

Welcome to the website of the student organization Nabla at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. We are an organization run for and by the students at the program Applied Physics and Mathematics.

Are you an exchange student? Or perhaps you are getting a full degree at NTNU? The students of Nabla welcome you to Trondheim, and would love to get to know you!

Students of Nabla outside our office, waiting to welcome you to our linjeforening!

What exactly is Nabla?

Here at NTNU many of the study programs have their own student organizations. In Norwegian we call them “linjeforening”, and Nabla is one of the many student organizations here at NTNU. The linjeforening is run by the students, and for the students of the study program Applied Physics and Mathematics. Throughout the entire semester Nabla offers a wide range of events, such as parties, lectures on popular science and educational topics, trips abroad, game nights, concerts, hikes, and much more. Nabla also has around 20 subgroups that you can join, such as the web group, the beer brewing group, runner’s club, the editorial staff at our very own magazine, the theater group, and many more! You can read more about the subgroups of Nabla here. Throughout the semester we also host events specially for our international students. This is so that you can get to know fellow international students as well as Norwegian students in your study program. We have a Facebook group for all international students, which you can find and join here.

Throughout the year, Nabla arranges a whole range of exciting events, ranging from parties with various themes, to larger trips such as the annual skitrip to Åre, Sweden.

The study program that Nabla’s students belong to is a special Norwegian five year engineering degree in applied physics and mathematics. NTNU also offers separate bachelors and masters programs in physics and mathematics, and the students in this study program belong to the linjeforening called Delta. Nabla and Delta are good friends, and we sometimes team up to welcome international maths and physics students. You are welcome to join either one or both of these student organizations, we don’t really mind, we just want you to enjoy your stay and your studies here in Trondheim!

Nabla has an office, Nablakontoret, that basically functions as a chill-out-spot, a lunch room, a perfect place to procrastinate, and to meet new people. The office is located in Realfagbygget at Campus Gløshaugen, near the cafeteria. Click here for directions to Nablakontoret. Look for our banner above the office door, and whenever the door is open please come in and sit down - we want to get to know you! Twice a week we also have office hours where we serve (free) coffee and tea, as well as waffles, cake, or other baked goods.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you! You can reach us by sending an email to, or you can send us a message through our Facebook page. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions, hear your suggestions, or just have a chat and get to know you! Again, we’d like to remind you to join our Facebook group for international students, so we can keep you informed about social or academic events that might be of interest to you.