Open Position: Data Scientist

What is Spacemaker?
Spacemaker is a fast-growing Norwegian Startup with a mission to create better cities all over the world using deep tech and AI.

We have developed a game changing AI technology that discovers the smartest ways to maximize the value of any building site. We generate and explore billions of site proposals, sort out the best ones and give you detailed statistics about each of them. Our tools can provide a fantastic level of insight to architects, real estate developers and municipalities.

Check out our 90-second video about what we do or read the article in DN (norwegian) and read more about the team and what we do at

What are we looking for?
As data scientist in Spacemaker you will take part in developing the core of our game changing Hybrid AI technology. Our long term ambition is to change the construction industry through AI – so going forward our Hybrid AI Engine will be exploited in numerous other applications, such as hospitals, hotels, infrastructure, etc.

The high complexity of early-phase site development requires a multi-disciplinary approach using a hierarchy of methods such as machine learning, computational geometry, stochastic modeling, genetic algorithms and optimization.

Breaking high-performance site development into its key quality components requires data scientists in Spacemaker to not only be exceptional in mathematics and programming, but also to be creative, pragmatic and able to apply theoretical knowledge to real life problems. Some of these qualities are highly quantifiable; e.g. site utilization, noise and sun, which can be efficiently quantified using tools from mathematics and physics. Other qualities are more qualitative. What are the characteristics of a beautiful balcony view and how do you work to improve it for a specific project? Why do humans find certain spaces attractive and what do you do to maximize this attractiveness? For the more subjective aspects of quality, we are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to gain insight into how these aspects can be measured and optimized to improve value creation in real estate projects.

As the problems we solve are very complex, we seek people with diverse backgrounds and experience; you could be a physicist, mathematician, programmer, or something completely different; you could be a PhD, an experienced management consultant or a newly graduated M.Sc. The important part is that you have a solid mathematical foundation and love problem solving.

Spacemaker is already experiencing an intense, global demand for our services, and are looking for truly talented people to join us:

As Data Scientist in Spacemaker you get the chance to..
* Partake in a game-changing technology company that will create eye-popping value at a global scale
* Working with cutting-edge technology and problem solving
* Work with a truly talented team across many different fields of expertise
* Highly competitive salary and equity opportunities
* A company full of team spirit and enthusiasm

Desired profile
* Exceptional mathematical understanding
* Programming experience
* Thrive to solve complex problems that have never been solved before
* Creative, pragmatic and able to apply your skills
* Team player
* Able to exploit different tools and approaches to solve a problem

So, do you want to be a Spacemaker?

Please get in touch — say If you want to apply right away, enclose a cover letter, CV and grades.


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