Software Engineer - Full Stack

Diffia is building the easiest and smartest clinical workflow tool available to clinicians in hospitals and looking for talented developers to join the Nimble team!

Why you should want this job

Diffia is recognised as the best health tech startup in Norway with a long-term vision of becoming an intelligent assistant for clinicians globally. By joining our team now, you get a chance to take part in the journey of building our product! As flag bearers of innovation in health ICT, we are the first company to put real patient data accessible on a mobile phone for doctors and nurses in a Norwegian hospital. We are changing the eHealth ecosystem in Norway for good, building a service that people love to use and that helps save lives around the world.

You will be an integral part of the process of designing the product, not just implementing specs.

You will become part of a tightly knit team of highly passionate people who aim to create the best possible user experience. We are not afraid of challenging status quo and aim for radical simplicity in everything we do. We have a remote working policy allowing people to work from where they are most productive that day and manage their own day. You get to choose your own development hardware and tools, as we believe that you know best how to achieve productivity.

What are we looking for in you?

We are looking for a full stack software engineer with solid front-end skills. Ideally, your front-end skills should include experience with building and performance tuning medium to large SPAs, reactively updated front-end architectures (SSE or WebSockets), higher-order components and a good grasp of how to unit test front-end code. A knowledge of Java or similar statically typed languages is required to work on our back-end as well as knowing how to massage data using SQL. Solid experience in related technologies can compensate for lacking a specific competency.

Our experienced developers believe that exciting, new technology is best made using mature technology that has proven to outlive the initial hype. The current tech stack therefore revolves around a custom Java backend based on the high performance, async Netty library, fed by a PostgreSQL 10 data layer. On the front-end we are specifically using React, Redux and Material UI. We don't expect you to know everything about our stack, but we expect you to have a mix of proactiveness in seeking out missing information and a willingness to ask questions. We employ test automation on all parts of our stack; integration tests, end-to-end tests and unit tests and expect you to have decent test coverage of your code. Although we primarily work independently on each task as an agile team, we do utilize a pull-request based workflow where a peer does a timely code review of the submitted code before merging it into the main development branch.

Required tech skills: Basic HTML and CSS, solid EcmaScript 5.1 skills, experience building a backend, #!/bin/sh, SQL

Preferred, though not required: Java, React, Redux, a good grasp of HTML5 APIs, CSS-in-JS, performance profiling (V8 or JVM)

Personal qualities that we are looking for

  • You can work independently and have the discipline to manage your own day
  • You want to make a difference, and you care about the quality and impact of your work
  • You write well-structured, easily readable code with documentation and tests
  • You have an academic background in computer science on the BSc or MSc level, or can demonstrate equivalent experience
  • You are curious about learning new tools and technologies
  • You are fluent in English, written and spoken
  • The Diffia head office is located at Oslo Science Park near University of Oslo Blindern campus. We believe in “use your good judgement” culture and allow work from anywhere anytime, however, there must be some overlap between the usual office hours of 09.00 to 17.00 to ensure good collaboration among the team.

What is the work like?

At Diffia, we work in two-week sprints and use agile methodologies where we find that they provide value for us. We focus on continuously releasing the code we are working on to the users, and we iterate towards the best solution rather than attempt to plan it all out in advance. All team members of the Nimble team work together when planning new features, and you’ll be part of this. We maintain task overviews in Jira, and keep the rest of the team up to date with progress by updating the sprint boards. We do peer reviews of all code that goes into Nimble. When things go wrong, we hold blameless post-mortems to get as close as we can to the root causes and understand how we can fix our systems and processes to improve the quality of the product.

The daily grind

  • Writing SOLID, tested code that you don’t fear pushing to production
  • Discussing how new features can be built, together with our designer, product manager and other engineers
  • Breaking features into smaller tasks that can realistically fit in a two-week sprint
  • Demoing your work from the past sprint every other Friday
  • Getting your colleagues to review your code before it is merged, and helping them with reviewing theirs, giving constructive feedback and suggestions for how to improve code quality, security and scalability
  • Working with our team to diagnose user problems that we need to fix. We do a time-boxed “bug hunt” every other Friday
  • Who you will be working with
  • We are a very small but ‘Nimble’ dev team and have two of the coolest engineers in Norway working full time.

Oddbjørn has over 12 years industry experience in designing, building and running business critical IT-systems. Having worked for Accenture, Oddbjørn started his own company as a sought after seasoned developer before joining the ranks of Diffia. He is a geek, beer brewer and proud father of three.

Carl-Erik has over 8 years of professional experience working on the entire stack, within a wide range of industries. He holds workshops, is actively maintaining the Sinon library of 5 million monthly downloads and has created and contributed to dozens of open source projects.

Your other colleagues include a couple of experienced clinicians and a product manager who quit their lucrative careers to start this company.

By applying for this position you give us permission to store and process any personal information you submit with your application for the duration of the opening. Your data will be deleted once the position has been filled.

Send your CV/resume to and mention job title in the subject line


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