Evaluering i TFY4190 Instrumentering

I faget [[TFY4190 Instrumentering | Instrumentering]] består deler av evalueringen av en fire-timers prøve, der alle bøker samt Internett er tillatte hjelpemidler. I den forbindelse kan det være greit å ha en oversikt over nettsider med relevant informasjon. Linkene er forsøkt sortert slik pensumlisten er inndelt, enn hvor ulogisk den kan være.



Tall i datamaskiner


Representasjon av negative tall









Før evalueringen våren 2007 ble der lagt ut eksempeloppgaver. Under følger et utvalg av disse med svar.

  • An anti-alias filter is Placed berore the input to remove frequencies above the Nyquist limit

  • The resolution of a DAC depends on The number of bits

  • A LabVIEW program gives the value of an integer as 65534. You know that this actually is a small negative number, but represented as an unsigned 16-bit integer. The small number is -2

  • In addition to letters and numbers, the 7-bit ASCII code has codes for Codes for communication control

  • If the transfer function of a regulator has poles in the right half plane The output will increase exponentially with time

  • Suppose we have a small signal in the range 0 - 2 mV. It can be amplified by a factor of 1000. We have the choice of two AD converters, one 12 bit with range ± 10V and one 10 bit with range 0 - 5V. Which one has the best resolution? They are equal

  • Thermocouples need zero-point correction because Their output gives the temperature difference between two junctions

  • Shot noise has a frequency dependance that is called White noise

  • One of the following units is not used for magnetic fields: Henry

  • The transmission velocity of a signal on a coaxial line depends mainly on The dielectric

  • Which of these number representations have more than one representation for zero? Sign + magnitude AND 1-complenent. (there is an error in the question, so it is removed from the test)

  • A LabVIEW program is used to read the output of a 12-bit AD converter with range ± 10V. The binary output is available in 2-complement form. By some reason, the program gives the result in hex as C8A. Then the voltage is -4,33 V

  • A 300 ohm transmission line is terminated with a standard 50 ohm pure resistive termination. A signal is transmitted on the line. There will be a phase reversal of the reflected signal