Maxwells Merry Musicians

Maxwells Merry Musicians have their roots in Nablas Christmas-party in 1995, which also marks the foundation of the ensemble. It is said that the Merry Musicians only needed two practice-sessions before their first concert, arguing that: "Able Musicians does not need any more."

The year is 1997. Trondheim is having its 1000 year anniversary and the Skiing world championship has the city under siege. For this occasion the student-organisations have erected Teltet, where the organisations compete in setting the mood! When time came for Nabla to play their hand, our merry friends came together and played their merry marches along with the people.

By 2001 the Merry Musicians had fallen out of tradition, but the then leader of Nabla tried his hand at conducting, disregaring his lack of musical experience and once again Maxwells Merry Musicians had a few good years ahead of them.

In the years since the Merry Musicians existence has been very discreet, even though they were to be found at one or other Nabla-event. Their playing however was not up to par with the good old days.

Again, now for the third time, Maxwells Merry Musicians rises from the ashes. This time withe the help of a Nabla-leader with a bit of musical knowledge. With this springboard we hope to jumpstart Nablas newest (or maybe the oldest, as we like to think). We are looking forward to our 25th (others might call it our first) year!

-- Kristian, Concertmaster, November 2019