Nablarevyen, Nablas own revue, is a multi-act variety show featuring musical numbers, dance and comedy sketches. We like to poke fun at our own choice of study, physics and mathematics, and the typical "fysmat" stereotype, as well as other relevant events in Trondheim, Norway, and the world.

Since 2013 we've had one production per year. In 2018 we also had an anniversary show during Nablas 75th anniversary, which combined all of our favorite acts from previous years. All of our shows can be watched in full on Nablas youtube channel, but obviously, most of them are in Norwegian. However, we do have some video sketches in English, that are linked below!

Our facebook page

Youtube: Don't Try To Put A Grape On My Tie

Youtube: The Sock Rises (Director's Cut)

Youtube: #EULER (skip to 1:19)